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Član foruma

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bad.ass je napisao/la:
koliko si ti procitao knjiga od ovoga ukupno? #-o

Nekoliko desetaka, ali mnogih knjiga koje sam pročitao tu nema. Zašto pitaš?

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Član foruma

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a eto. svaka cast kad si toliko procitao. ja recimo imam problem sa citanjem na laptopu. nekako mi je nezgodno. radje volim imatu knjigu u ruci i lagano listat. printanje (knjige) mi se nebi isplatilo jer su boje skupe, tako da ako neku knjigu procitam na laptopu, mora me privuci sadrzaj i ostalo.
eto, pitam se da li jos netko ima "problem" kao i ja? 8)


Sve sto jeste, ispravno je tako kako jeste, jer da nije, ne bi ni bilo.

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Član foruma

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bad.ass je napisao/la:
a eto. svaka cast kad si toliko procitao. ja recimo imam problem sa citanjem na laptopu. nekako mi je nezgodno. radje volim imatu knjigu u ruci i lagano listat. printanje (knjige) mi se nebi isplatilo jer su boje skupe, tako da ako neku knjigu procitam na laptopu, mora me privuci sadrzaj i ostalo.
eto, pitam se da li jos netko ima "problem" kao i ja? 8)


I meni malo smeta čitanje na kompu, ali to je vrlo dobra alternativa kupovanju knjiga (besplatno je i uvijek dostupno), osim toga već sam nagomilao svoju sobu sličnim knjigama tvrdog formata i ne bih želio da ih se dopadnu oči znatiželjnih ukućana. Zato moja virtualna zbirka (ili zbrka :D ) posjeduje dozu privatnosti i individualnosti. A opet, čitanje je mnogo ugodnije i zdravije kada imaš dobri stari bunt papira ispisan slovima i slikama. No neke knjige su teške ili nemoguće za pronaći u tvrdom formatu (neke knjige ovdje su u našim krajevima potpuno strane i neprevedene), pa elektronička verzija poslužuje kao adekvatna kompenzacija.

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A.P.Sinnett - Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching (1920)


1920. Contents: The World's Place in the Universe; Future Lives; Religion Under Repair; Occultism in Tennyson's Poetry; Five Senses; Visits to this World; The Masters and their Methods of Instruction; Expanded Theosophical Knowledge (The Nature of Consciousness.The Planetary Chain.The Astral World.The Infinite Future.); Pyramids and Stonehenge; Super Physical Laws of Nature; Higher Occultism; Objects of Theosophy; Borderland of Science; Astronomy, Overt and Occult; and Poetry and Theosophy.

316 pages, 14.6 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _1920_.pdf

Anonymous - Some Philosophy of the Hermetics (1898)

The Greek name "Hermes" is taken from an ancient root, "herm," meaning the activating, radiant and vital principle of life, known to ancient masonry as cosmic fire, Chiram and later as Hiram Abiff. The essays found in this little book vary in style. Some of them fall into a weird rhapsody, while others are laconic and plain. The mystic will understand the reason for the difference, while another will only read the words.


126 pages, 9.9 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _1898_.pdf

Prentiss Tucker - In the Land of the Living Dead (1929)


1929. An Occult Story. Contents: A Visit to the Invisible Planes; A Sergeant's Experience After Passing Out; Soul Flight; Back to Earth, A Pretty Nurse; Elder Brother in the Flesh; Doughboy's Idea on Religion; Helping a Slain Soldier to Comfort His Mother; Study of Auras; Experience with Nature Spirits; Crisis in Love; Light Again.

194 pages, 13.4 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _1929_.pdf

Joscelyn Godwin - Mystery of the Seven Vowels: In Theory and Practice(1991)


The seven vowels which we use every day in speech depend on the phenomenon of harmonics which is at the very basis of music. When we hear vowels we are hearing the laws of harmony which are ultimately the laws of number that are said to govern the universe.

The Mystery of the Seven Vowels is the first book on the subject ever to appear in English, and it is unusual in bringing together a number of fields not usually connected: linguistics, harmony, musicology, mythology, the history of religions, esoteric and occult philosophy, vocal exercises and meditational practices. The author discusses systems relating the vowels to planets, tones and colours; he writes of ancient and modern vowel-songs, the names of the gods and the use of vowels in Gnosticism and ancient magic. The treatment is scholarly, but the book is also practical, giving a number of different paths for discovering one's own tones through the vowels and exploring their power to centre, to uplift and to heal.

There is also an esoteric tradition that links the vowels to the seven planets of astrology and the gods that rule them. The mythological background includes such topics as the vowel-names of IAO, IAHWE, and other gods; the invocations of planets used in Egyptian temples and in Greek magical incantations; the power of wordless song to illuminate and heal, and even--if the reports of occultists are true--to aid the soul after it has left the body.

107 pages, 4.46 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _1991_.pdf

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Član foruma

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The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Spiritual Astrology Courses

The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Junior Astrology Course - Lessons 1-9
The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Junior Astrology Course - Lessons 10-19
The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Junior Astrology Course - Lessons 20-26
The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Senior Astrology Course - Lessons 1-12
The Rosicrucian Fellowship's Senior Extension Astrology Course 1-13

3.44 MB, PDF. All in one rar file. ... ourses.rar

Order of the Cubic Stone - The Monolith Journal


A group in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tradition, founded in Britain in the 1930s by Theodore Howard and two technicians, David Edwards and Robert Turner. The Order believes in a system of Enochian magic and trains students in ceremonial magic.

In the early 1990s, Robert Turner was severely injured in a criminal assault, which has resulted in disruption of the order and its magazine, The Monolith.


24.1 MB, PDF. Scan. ... nolith.rar

Gareth Knight - Magical Images


The knowledge and use of magical images as a means of self development was once a closely guarded secret of initiates and adepts in the Mystery Schools. In this ground breaking new book, Gareth Knight gives easy-to-follow classifications of the various kinds of magical images, along with instructions for their use as agents of self realization and spiritual growth. Indispensable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, this book presents the theory and techniques of creative visualization and meditation. These practical teachings range from the circulation of force within the aura for the purpose of balancing the personality, to the development of a full magical system of "pathworking" enabling contact with unsuspected sources of inner wisdom and power.

48 pages, 5.12 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Images.pdf

Jean Dubuis - The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge



Mr. Dubuis is a respected 20th Century Alchemist, and author of courses and articles on Alchemy, Qabala & Esotericism.

Once in a lifetime there comes along a course, or book, like Jean Dubuis' "Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge". Written over 20 years ago, in French, for the alchemical organization "Les Philosophiers des Nature", it has become a standard by which many other esoteric courses of instruction should be judged. Designed to fill in some of the knowledge gaps Dubuis was perceiving in some of the organizations members, "Fundamentals" was written as a very concise, dense, and eminently practical set of lessons on the core ideas and practices of Western Esotericism.

All areas of significance are covered: basic cosmology, creating interior harmony, the power of "the Word', symbolism, qabalistic invocations, uses of rituals, the relationship of magic, alchemy, qabala, and astrology to one another, and the Seven Rules of the "Invisible College" or the Rosicrucian Brotherhood.

While this may appear to have been 'done before', what makes this book different is that each paragraph is packed with information. There is no wasted language in Dubuis' explanation of things. His scientific and highly analytical mind allows the information to be presented in an amazing clarity free of the usual 'occult speak' and mumbo jumbo that often leaves the reader feeling either dissatisfied or simply bored. The use of Hebrew and alchemical terms is almost non-existent giving this very old material a very fresh perspective.

In addition, unlike many courses of instruction that are just the 'Golden Dawn' revisited, this material has a distinct flavor and feel of an earlier period. Several students of the course, who have had a great deal of experience in other systems, have commented on the overwhelming simplicity and effectiveness of the exercises in "Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge". It is one of those rare works that really is ideal for beginners or advanced students alike.

The only drawback to "Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge", if there is one, is that it is so very full. It is the kind of text that one refers to again and again, replacing so many of the other texts you've grown familiar with. Also, despite its format of twelve lessons, there is no way the material it contains can be performed in a single year. The short section on zodiacal meditations takes a year itself.

If you are looking for a fine guide to assist in your work, regardless of whether you want to practice alchemy, qabala, or astrology, I can suggest nothing better than "Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge". It supplies a foundation that will carry you through several lifetimes.

161 pages, 10.2 MB, PDF. Scan. A MUST!!! ... wledge.pdf

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Član foruma

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Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Masonry or The Legend of Hiram Abif (1924)


The steady demand and increasing popularity of this volume, of which eighteen thousand copies have been printed since it first appeared a few years ago, have brought the present revised and rearranged edition into being. The text can be read with profit by both new and old Mason, for within its pages lies an interpretation of Masonic symbolism which supplements the monitorial instruction usually given in the lodges. The leading Masonic scholars of all times have agreed that the symbols of the Fraternity are susceptible of the most profound interpretation and thus reveal to the truly initiated certain secrets concerning the spiritual realities of life. Freemasonry is therefore more than a mere social organization a few centuries old, and can be regarded as a perpetuation of the philosophical mysteries and initiations of the ancients. This is in keeping with the inner tradition of the Craft, a heritage from pre-Revival days.

The present volume will appeal to the thoughtful Mason as an inspiring work, for it satisfies the yearning for further light and leads the initiate to that Sanctum Sanctorum where the mysteries are revealed. The book is a contribution to Masonic idealism, revealing the profounder aspects of our ancient and gentle Fraternity—those unique and distinctive features which have proved a constant inspiration through the centuries.

Metaphysical/Masonic classic from Manly P. Hall. This is an insightful study of the deeper and esoteric aspects of Freemasonry. Wonderful work for Mason or non-Mason.

128 pages, 9.54 MB, PDF. Scan. ... asonry.pdf

E.J. Marconis - The Sanctuary of Memphis or Hermes


Do you want to know about the the Masonic Rite of Memphis? Read this book! Marconis was the son of the man who founded the order and includes information not obtainable elsewhere, such as the "universal tyler" which gives all the secret grips, words, and signs of all the degrees of the Masonic Rites of Memphis, the French Rite, and the Scottish Rite, from the First through the Thirty-third degrees inclusive! Marconis also includes the complete ritual of the First degree and the instruction of the 2nd and 3rd Degrees plus important information on Adoptive (androgynous) Masonry and charts of several secret Masonic alphabets.

237 pages, 10.7 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Hermes.pdf

George H. Steinmetz - The Lost Word It's Hidden Meaning

A Correlation of the Allegory and Symbolism of the Bible with That of Freemasonry and an Exposition of the Secret Doctrine



Written for the purpose of delving into the Secret Doctrine of Freemasonry. This work by George Steinmetz is recommended by numerous Grand Lodges, including Pennsylvania. Steinmetz explains the Masonic meaning of the words, Savior, Messiah, etc. Four saviors, including Krishna (Hinduism), Osiris (Egyptian), Hiram (Freemasonry) and Jesus (Christianity) are discussed.

271 pages, 21.7 MB, PDF. Scan. ... eaning.pdf

Moja kolekcija knjiga: ... cija_.html

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Član foruma

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Paul Foster Case - The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order (1933)

An Interpretation of the Rosicrucian Allegory & An Explanation of the Ten Rosicrucian Grades

This is a thorough presentation of the Rosicrucian system of Initiation by Dr. Paul Foster Case. He explains that Rosicrucianism is based upon earthly organizations, but on personal unfoldment, and clearly describes the distinctive marks of a Rosicrucian. The treatise is divided into two main parts by Dr. Case. The first is a careful examination and interpretation of the principle Rosicrucian manifestos, the Fama Fraternitatis and the Confessio Fraternitatis. The second part is an explanation of the Rosicrucian Grade system, as applied to the diagram of the Tree of Life and Tarot attributions. By participating in the outlined procedures, aspirants are put on the right track of preparing themselves for union with the Higher Self, which may or may not include group work with an outer order or fraternity.

150 pages, 6.87 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _Order.pdf

Israel Regardie - The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic


"The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic" by "Israel Regardie" (1077 pages) Regardie's classic, final testament to the Golden Dawn. Beautifully illustrated throughout, with many color plates. The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic is the easiest edition to study. An essential text in any library of magical works. Israel Regardie (1907-1985) was considered by many to be the last living Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. At an early age, Regardie worked as Aleister Crowley's personal secretary. In addition to his extensive writings, Regardie practiced as a chiropractor and as a neo-Reichian therapist. He taught psychiatry at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and contributed articles to many psychology magazines.



The Western Esoteric Tradition
Self Initiation
A Cautionary Note
The Proper Attitude Toward Mind-Body
The Magical Alphabet
The Magic of the Hebrew Alphabet
The Mysticism of the Alphabet
Concerning Hebrew Pronunciation
Introduction to the Kaballah Unveiled
Concerning the Hierarchies
On the Least Amount of Work Actually Necessary


Fundamentals of Tarot, Geomancy and Astrology
The Tarot
Notes on the Tarot
Tarot Trumps
Notes on Geomancy
Esoteric Astrology
Introductory Paper on the Tattwas
The Tattwas of the Eastern School
Course of the Tattwas
The Tattwa
Meditation and Mastery Over the Tattwas
Cure of Diseases
Forecasting the Future
Alchemy by Hans Nintzel
The Vision of the Universal Mercury
Translation of and Notes on the Mercury Paper


The Pillars I
The Pillars II
The Pillars III
The Words of the Departed Spirit Osiris, Son of God
The Pillars IV
The White Pillar
The Black Pillar
The Garden of Eden Before the Fall
The Garden of Eden After the Fall
On the General Guidance and Purification of the Soul
Shem ha-Mephoresch — The 72 Fold Name
The 72 Angelic Names and Their Meanings
The Magical Images of the Decans
Hodos Chamelionis
The Microcosm-Man
Task Undertaken by the Adeptus Minor
Of Traveling in the Spirit Vision
Concerning the Microcosms of the Macrocosm
Of Obsession, Trance, Death
On the Work to be Undertaken Between Portal and Adeptus Minor
The Tree of Life in the Aura
The Knowledge Lectures
Developmental Exercises
Sensitivity Training
Holy Ground
The Qabalistic Cross
The Holy Spirit
The Cleansing Breath


General Orders
Techniques of Invocation
The Ritual of the Pentagram
Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
The Ritual of the Hexagram
The Four Forms
The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
The Magic Sword
The Four Elemental Weapons
Ritual of Consecration of the Four Elemental Weapons
The Lotus Wand
Consecration of the Lotus Wand
The Description of the Rose Cross
Note of Making the Rose Cross
Consecration of the Rose Cross
The Ritual of the Rose Cross
The Use of the Rose Cross Ritual


The Geomantic Talismanic Symbols
Qualities of the Figures
Talismans and Flashing Tablets
Mode of Formation of Talismans and Pentacles
The Lineal Forms of the Names of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life
Polygrams and Polygons
The Cross Within the Circle
Telesmatic Figures
Telesmatic Attributions of the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
The Vibratory Mode of Pronouncing the Divine Names
An Alternative Method of Vibrating the Divine Names
On Skrying


Introduction to the Original Golden Dawn Rituals
Opening of the Neophyte Grade
Discussion of the Z-Documents
The Ceremony of the Equinox
Opening of the Zelator Grade
Theoricus Grade
Practicus Grade
Philosophus Grade


Ritual of the Portal
Adeptus Minor Grade
The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross
The Adeptus Minor
The Adeptus Major Ceremony


Ceremony of the Equinox
Watchtower Ceremony
The Consecration Ceremony of the Vault of the Adepti
Concerning the Use of the Vault
More About the Vault
The Symbolism of the Seven Sides
Requiescat in Pace
An Alchemical Ritual
Invocation of the Angel Chassan
The Canopic Gods
The Egyptian God-Forms of the Neophyte Grade
Lamens and Examination for the Grade of Practicus Adeptus Minor
The Ring and the Disk


The Complete Golden Dawn System of the Tarot
Titles of the Tarot Cards
Note on the Tarot
An Alternative Method of Selecting the Significator
Unofficial Description of the Tarot Trumps
The Tree of Life as Projected in a Solid Sphere
More Notes on the Tarot
The True System of Astrological Divination


An Introduction
Enochian Numbers
The Enochian Language
The Enochian System
General Note on the Tarot Attributions
The Book of the Concourse of Forces
The Enochian Tablets
The Fourty-Eight Angelical Keys or Calls
Titles of the Thirty Aethyrs
An Addendum
Part 2 of the Addendum
Pyramid Gods and Their Attributions
Gods of Egypt and the Enochian Tablets
Instruction on Chessmen
Chess and Tarot
Numerical Structure of Enochian
Enochian Dictionary

1077 pages, 23.7 MB, PDF. ... _Magic.pdf

Israel Regardie - The Tree of Life


The most comprehensive introduction available to the Golden Dawn system of initiation, and the numerous, complex and sometimes obscure mystical writings of Aleister Crowley.

Over fifty years ago Israel Regardie set himself the gigantic task of making accessible to the intelligent layman the root principles upon which Magic is built--principles which Aleister Crowley devoted his life to exploring and revealing. Drawing on his experience as personal secretary to Crowley and his involvement with the Golden Dawn system, Regardie skillfully unifies a wealth of diverse material into a marvelously coherent whole. The result is The Tree Of Life, a book which has become the definitive overview of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Israel Regardie (1907-1985) was credited with removing the excessive secrecy surrounding modern occultism and for making the techniques of high magic available to all interested students.

282 pages, 10.3 MB, PDF. Scan. ... f_Life.pdf

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Član foruma

Pridružen/a: pet nov 09, 2007 3:29 pm
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William G. Gray - Magical Ritual Methods



Throughout the ages, the workings of magical ritual have been shrouded in more secrecy than probably any other subject. The peculiar secrecy surrounding magical practices is not altogether intentional--how can mere description of the purely physical aspects of ritualism possibly convey its deep significance? Knowing this conciously or instinctively, practitioners of magical rites have maintained silence or given such vague descriptions of their activities that little practical use can be made of them. Now there is a guidebook, intended for the Western student on the path of spiritual consciousness. William Gray pulls all the "hows's" and "why's" of ceremonial magic together in one volume and provides the student with practical means for its proper operation and study. People are drawn toward ritual practice because it fulfills a need on a deep spiritual level that nothing else will fill. Gray shows us how to arrange and direct our own studies, and gives us the basics to make magical ritual work for us, to extend our human consciousness toward Truth and Light.

302 pages, 4.82 MB, PDF. Scan. ... ethods.pdf

Lynn F. Perkins - The Meaning of Masonry



186 pages, 18 MB, PDF. Scan. ... asonry.pdf

Oliver Day Street - Symbolism of the Three Degrees I-III

Symbolism of the Three Degrees is a discussion of the symbols, legends, and allegories of Freemasonry. It began as a collection of research material for a series of lectures, which were later published in The Builder, a journal of the National Masonic Research Society. Due to their great popularity, they were eventually assembled in book form.

In approaching each symbol of the degrees, the author endeavors to go beyond those explanations provided in the lectures and found within the monitors of Freemasonry. He sought to illuminate each in both practical and historic terms. The topics are arranged by degree and indexed at the back of the book. Originally published in 1922, this work remains a great resource for newly raised Master Masons and anyone seeking more information about the symbolism of Freemasonry. As stated in the forward to the book:

"Masters and wardens and all others entrusted with the exemplification of our marvelous Masonic ritual will find in it such light on all the important symbols of the Three Degrees as will give them and their audience a new interest in the work, and a new appreciation of the inexhaustible wealth hidden away within the heart of Ancient Craft Masonry."

H. L. Haywood (Editor of The Builder, 1922)


* Volume I: The Entered Apprentice Degree
* Volume II: The Fellow Craft Degree
* Volume III: The Master Mason Degree

3 volumes, 17.8 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _I-III.rar

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Član foruma

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A.E. Waite - The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal: Its Legends and Symbolism Considered in their Affinity with Certain Mysteries of Initiation and other Traces of a Secret Tradition in Christian Times

It is at the core of all Western culture: the story of the Holy Grail, the secret history of Christianity and the grand quest to find it that informs everything from tales steeped in centuries, such as the legend of King Arthur, to the most modern popular fiction, like The Da Vinci Code. In this highly readable but densely informative work, Waite, a preeminent 19th-century expert in esoterica, explores all the literature dedicated to this "legend of the soul" from both an intellectual and a spiritual perspective, seeking out the elemental through-lines of this most fundamental of stories as well as a mystical essence of Christianity itself. Students of folklore, readers of fantasy-quest fiction, and seekers after religious truth will all find this a vital resource. American-born British occultist and author ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE (1857-1942) was cocreator of the famous 1910 Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Among his numerous books are Book of Ceremonial Magic, The Holy Kabbalah, and New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.


Book I

The Argument
I. Some Aspects of the Graal Legend
II. Epochs of the Legend
III. The Environment of the Graal Literature
IV. The Literature of the Cycle
V. The Implicits of the Mystery

Book II

The Argument
I. A Preliminary Account of Certain Root-Secrets Included in the Whole Subject
II. The Institution of the Hallows, and in the First Place General Introduction Concerning Them
III. The Institution of the Hallows, and, Secondly, the Variations of the Cup Legend
IV. The Graal Vessel Considered as a Bowl of Plenty
V. The Lesser Hallows of the Legend
§ A.--The Summary of These Matters
§ B.--Legends of the Sacred Lance
§ C.--The Broken Sword
§ D.--The Dish

VI. The Castle of the Holy Graal
VII. The Keepers of the Hallows
VIII. The Pageants in the Quests
IX. The Enchantments of Britain, the Times Called Adventurous and the Wounding of the King
X. The Suppressed Word and the Mystic Question
XI. The Healing of the King
XII. The Removal of the Hallows

Book III

I. The Antecedents of the Legend in Folk-Lore
II. The Welsh Perceval
III. The English Metrical Romance of Syr Percyvelle
IV. The Conte del Graal
§ A.--Preliminary to the Whole Subject
§ B.--The Poem of Chrétien De Troyes
§ C.--The Extension of Gautier
§ D.--The Conclusion of Manessier
§ E.--The Alternative Sequel of Gerbert
§ F.--In Which Sir Gawain is Considered Briefly as a Companion of the Holy Quest

Book IV

I. The Metrical Romance of Joseph of Arimathæa
II. The Lesser Holy Graal
III. The Early History of Merlin
IV. The Didot Perceval

Book V

The Argument
I. The Book of the Holy Graal and, in the First Place, the Prologue Thereto Belonging
II. New Consideration Concerning the Branches of the Chronicle
III. The Minor Branches of the Book of the Holy Graal
IV. Some Later Merlin Legends
§ A.--The Vulgate Merlin
§ B.--The Huth Merlin

V. The Great Prose Lancelot
VI. A Preface or Introductory Portion Appertaining to All The Quests
VII. The Longer Prose Perceval
VIII. The Quest of the High Prince
IX. The Welsh Quest of Galahad

Book VI

I. The Parsifal of Wolfram Von Eschenbach
II. Gleanings Concerning the Lost Quest of Guiot de Provence
III. Sidelights From the Spanish and Portuguese Quests
IV. The Crown of All Adventures
V. The Titurel of Albrecht Von Scharfenberg
VI. The Dutch Lancelot

Book VII

I. Statement of a Possible Implicit Accounting for All Claims
II. The Formulæ of the Hypothesis Scheduled
III. In What Sense the Plea Must be Held to Fail
IV. The Victory of the Latin Rite


I. The Introductory Words
II. The Position of the Literature Defined
III. Concerning the Great Experiment
IV. The Mystery of Initiation
V. The Mystery of Faith
VI. The Lost Book of the Graal
VII. The Declared Mystery of Quest

Book IX

The Argument
I. Preliminary to the Whole Subject
II. Some Alleged Secret Schools of the Middle Ages
III. The Latin Literature of Alchemy and the Hermetic Secret in the Light of the Eucharistic Mystery
IV. The Kabalistic Academies
V. The Claim in Respect of Templar Influence
VI. The Graal Formula in the Light of Other Gleanings from the Catholic Sacramentary
VII. The Lapis Exilis
VIII. The Analogies of Masonry
§ A. The Assumption of the Building Guild
§ B. Masonry and Moral Science
§ C. A Theory of Hermetic Interference
§ D. One Key to the Sanctuary

IX. The Hallows of the Graal Mystery Rediscovered in the Talismans of the Tarot

Book X

The Argument
I. The Hermeneutics of the Holy Graal
II. The Good Husbandman
III. The Catholic Secret of the Literature
IV. The Mystery Which Is Within
V. The Secluded and Unknown Sanctuary
VI. The Tradition of St. John the Divine and Other Traces of a Higher Mind of the Church
VII. The Conclusion of This Holy Quest

Appendix: Bibliography
Part I. The Texts
Part II. Some Critical Works
Part III. Phases of Interpretation


448 pages, 3.48 MB, PDF. ... _Graal.pdf

W.L. Wilmshurst - Masonic Initiation



The Masonic Initiation is the powerful sequel to W. L. Wilmshurst's other enduring classic, The Meaning of Masonry. Here, we find the author's most advanced expression as he explores the profound depths of Masonic ritual as a contemplative art, and offers his vision of the future of the Order. Both Freemasons and those who study the Craft from a distance will enjoy these insightful essays. This new edition by Plumbstone has been fully revised and re-set in clear, modern type, and is enriched with extensive notes expanding on Wilmshurst's points, elucidating his sources, and explaining the differences between American and British Freemasonry. Prominent Masonic author Robert G. Davis writes in his Foreword that this edition provides "a new look at a timeless classic which has induced many generations of Masons to feel that, when they are in the sacred space of lodge, they are in the presence of a mystery that goes to the root of their own being."

228 pages, 11.5 MB, PDF. Scan. ... iation.pdf

Frances A. Yates - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment


In the early 17th century, a new movement was proclaimed throughout Europe, announcing the universal reform of religion, science, art, and society. The main proponents of this movement were the esoteric Rosicrucians . Europe was a world in transition and Rosicrucianism was but the latest movement to capture the public imagination. Concerned with spiritual illumination and intellectual knowledge the movement continued to have widespread influence long after it was supposedly over, as can be traced in the works of Isaac Newton and Fraof modern science and medicine, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment has had a tremendous impact on our understanding of the western esoteric tradition.

317 pages, 25 MB, PDF. Scan. ... enment.pdf

John Yarker - Secret High Degree Rituals of Memphis


The Rite of Memphis aggravated members of "conventional" Freemasonry because it claimed not only to be the true source of Masonic wisdom but to be the ONLY legitimate Masonic system! Its rituals were much more esoteric than those commonly encountered in "regular" Freemasonry. Many colorful personalities allied themselves with this system, including Karl Kellner, Theodore Reuss and Aleister Crowley. In England, the Rite was under the direction of John Yarker, while in the United States, Harvey Spencer Lewis, of AMORC fame, also made use of these degrees. This fascinating book is a reprint of John Yarker's manuscript-"The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis in 95th Degree-Book Third-Series III Consistory and Grand Council." It includes Yarker's last revision of the 34th through 96th Degree rituals inclusive, plus the "secret work".

85 pages, 20.2 MB, PDF. Scan. ... emphis.pdf

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Raymond Buckland - Complete Book of Witchcraft


Here is the most complete self-study course in modern Wicca available, written by the person who first went public with "The Old Religion" in the United States. For group or solitary use, it includes rituals; exercises for developing psychic talents; information on all major "sects" of the Craft; sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing, ritual clothing; and much, much more.

Even those who have practiced Wicca for years find useful information in Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, and many covens are using it as their textbook. Profusely illustrated and full of music and chants.



LESSON ONE - The History and Philosophy of Witchcraft

History and Development. Persecutions. Re-emergence. The Philosophy of Witchcraft. Principles of Wiccan Belief. The Power Within. Spells and Charms.

LESSON TWO - Beliefs

Deities; The God and Goddess of Witchcraft; Reincarnation; Retribution; Between Lives. Your Temple. Your Altar and its Furniture. Magick—an Introduction.

LESSON THREE - Tools, Clothing and Names

Working Tools; Knife; Marking in Metal; Sword; Other Tools; Dress; Jewelry; Horned Helmet. Inscriptions. Your Witch Name.

LESSON FOUR - Getting Started

Rites of Passage. Circles. Self-Dedication. Coven Initiation.

LESSON FIVE - Covens and Rituals

Covens and Degrees. Hierarchy and Priesthood. Covensteads and Covendoms. The Book of Rituals. Consecration of Tools. RITUALS—Erecting the Temple; Clearing the Temple; Esbat Rite; Full Moon Rite; New/Dark Moon Rite; Cakes and Ale.

LESSON SIX - Sabbats

Samhain; Beltane; Imbolc; Lughnasadh.

LESSON SEVEN - Meditation, Dreams and the Minor Sabbats

Meditation— How Meditation Works; Technique; Posture; Area; Time of Day: Method. Dreams—The Source; Dream Interpretation and Symbology; Remembering Dreams; Personal Symbols; The Repetitive Dream; Group Dreams; Dreams vs Out-of-Body Experiences. Rituals—Spring Equinox; Summer Solstice; Autumnal Equinox; Winter Solstice.

LESSON EIGHT - Marriage, Birth, Death and Channeling

Handfasting Rite'; Handparting Rite; Birth Rite; Crossing the Bridge. The Intuitive Process-Categories of Channeling; Clearing the Channel; External Focal Points; Interpreting Channeled Information. The Aura. Sensory Deprivation. The Witches' Cradle.

LESSON NINE - Divination

Tarot; Scrying; Saxon Wands; Cheiromancy; Tea-leaf Reading; Numerology; Astrology; Fire Scrying.

LESSON TEN - Herbalism

Herbal Lore; Getting the Most Out of Herbs; Simples, Syrups, Salves, Poultices and Powders; Herb Simples; Definition of Medical Actions; Herbs in Materia Medica. Botanicals—Alteratives, Anthel-mintics, Astringents, Bitter Tonics,
Calmatives, Carminatives and Aromatics, Cathartics, Demulcents, Diaphoretics, Diuretics, Emollients, Expectorants, Nervines, Nerve Stimulants, Refrigerants, Sedatives, Stimulants. Vitamins in Herbs. The Art of Prescribing Medicine. Some Simple Treatments— Medicinal Drinks, Syrups, Decoctions, Teas, Mixtures, Ointments. Witches' Pharmacopoeia. Sources.


Physical Body. Circle. Cone of Power. Dancing and Chanting. Feeling. Drawing Down Power. Releasing the Power. Timing. Cord Magick. Candle Magick. Love Magick. Sex Magick. Binding Spell. Protection. Form of Ritual.

LESSON TWELVE - The Power of the Written Word

Runes. Ogham Bethluisnion. Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Theban. Passing the River. Angelic. Malachim. Pictish. Talismans and Amulets. Power Raising Dance. General Dancing. Music and Song. Sabbat Games. Wine and Ale. Bread and Cakes.

261 pages, 4.16 MB, PDF. Scan. ... hcraft.pdf

Antoine Faivre - The Eternal Hermes: From Greek God to Alchemical Magus


Hermes - the fascinating mercurial messenger of the gods eloquent revealer of hidden wisdom and guardian of occult knowledge-has played a central role in the development of esotericism in the West. The enigmatic Hermes Trismegistus legendary author of ancient Gnostic writings was the father of the Hermetic tradition. Drawing upon rare books and manuscripts, this highly illustrated work explores the question of where Hermes Trismegistus came from how he came to be a patron of the esoteric traditions and how the figure of Hermes has remained lively and inspiring to our own day.

204 pages, 22.7 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Hermes.pdf

J.D. Buck - The Symbolism of Freemasonry or Mystic Masonry


This Great Secret, this Master's Word, was know to and preserved in the Mysteries of Antiquity, and is embodied and preserved in the traditions and symbols of Masonry today. This fact has been stated repeatedly in the body of this little book, the real purpose of which was to set students, and particularly masonic students, to searching for the real secret. It is the reward of study and devotion, and has never been obtained on any other terms. It has never been conferred in the ritualistic degrees of the lodge, and never will or can be. It is the establishment of understanding in the soul of man between that higher self in him, and the More, and the Beyond self from which he draws his life, and from which his intuitions spring. This is real Initiation: Becoming: At-one-ment." "There are thousands of Masons, who realize that Masonry contains and implies far more than appears in the ritual and ceremonies of the Lodge. There is a very widespread and growing interest in this direction, and it is this that Mystic Masonry, above all else, is designed to foster, encourage, and help."

Contents: Principles of Education and Ethics; Genius of Freemasonry; The Secret Doctrine, Science and Religion, The Septenary Nature of Man, The Sign of the Master; The Great Lodge, An Outline of Symbolism.

175 pages, 16.4 MB, PDF. Scan. ... asonry.pdf

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Comte De Saint-Germain - La Tres Sainte Trinosophie (Most Holy Trinosophia)




Description written by Manly P. Hall:

The great illuminist, Rosicrucian, and Freemason who termed himself the Comte de St. Germain is one of the most baffling personalities of modern history. His activities are traceable for more than one hundred years between 1710 and 1822, leading Frederick the Great to refer to him as "the man who does not die." An outstanding scholar and linguist, a great musician and painter, as well as a chemist with skill so profound he could change base metals into gold, he was also enormously wealthy and was on intimate terms with the crowned heads of Europe. Nothing is known about the source of St. Germain's occult knowledge; he merely admitted he was obeying the orders of a power higher than himself, saying that his father was the Secret Doctrine and his mother the Mysteries.

Not only is it the only known mystical writing of the Comte de St.-Germain, but it is one of the most extraordinary documents relating to the Hermetic sciences ever compiled. Though the libraries of European Rosicrucians and Cabbalists contain many rare treasures of ancient philosophical lore, it is extremely doubtful if any of them include a treatise of greater value or significance.


The original manuscript is housed in the Bibliotheque de Troyes in France. Written somewhere in 18th century.

100 pages, 8.55 MB, PDF. Scanned from original manuscript. ... sophie.pdf

Dictionary of Gnosis and Western Esotericism


This is the first comprehensive reference work to cover the entire domain of "Gnosis and Western Esotericism" from the period of Late Antiquity to the present. Containing around 400 articles by over 180 international specialists, it provides critical overviews discussing the nature and historical development of all its important currents and manifestations, from Gnosticism and Hermetism to Astrology, Alchemy and Magic, from the Hermetic Tradition of the Renaissance to Rosicrucianism and Christian Theosophy, and from Freemasonry and Illuminism to 19th-century Occultism and the contemporary New Age movement. Furthermore it contains articles about the life and work of all the major personalities in the history of Gnosis and Western Esotericism, discussing their ideas, significance, and historical influence.

1262 pages, 5.8 MB, PDF. ... ricism.pdf

Soror A. L. - Western Mandalas of Transformation: Magical Squares - Tattwas - Qabalistic Talismans


This work reveals the uses of astrological and Qabalistic talismans for spiritual use. It shows how the reader can learn the mysteries hidden in the ancient system of magical squares. Step-by-step instructions teach both the beginner and the experienced Qabalist how to: create mandala-talismans; how to acquire a magical Guardian Angel; correct guidelines for obtaining spiritual guides; the traditional Golden Dawn magic seals; and the Tattwa system. The guide contains sections on the meaning of numbers, planetary attributes and many other symbols. Explanations are also given about the secret techniques for awakening these images in the subconscious to energize the chakra system and personal aura. There is also a section on Gematria for the seasoned Qabalist, and a chapter on Daath.

226 pages, 4.44 MB, PDF. ... mation.pdf

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William G. Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic



286 pages, 14.2 MB, PDF. Scan. ... _Magic.pdf

Jean Dubuis - The Experience of Eternity


"Jean Dubuis' long awaited treatise may be the single most important esoteric document of the 21st Century. Densely written with 37 illustrations, Dubuis presents classical esotericism, alchemy, qabala, and natural magic in a way that allows each person to undertake the road of interior initiation without need of a guru, master, or teacher. Extensive discussion of the creation of the universe, our place in it, and reason for being are presented in concise language. Methods given use tools easily available. Among the topics addressed are man's inner structures, how to harmonize them, the role of visualization, dream symbols and their use, astrological timing for specific experiences, and how to anchor our inner work into our daily life. Be careful though, if successful, you may find yourself following the author's advice, pinched from the Polish alchemist Sendivogius, 'Now burn all your books, including mine'." - Mark Stavish, author of "The Path of Alchemy" and "Kabbalah for Health and Wellness".

175 page, 2.52 MB, PDF. ... ernity.pdf

Pat Zalewski - Z5 Book 1 Neophyte


Shows the type of procedure one encounters when he or she joins a Golden Dawn Temple. Focuses on the secret, Inner Order techniques for performing the Neophyte Initiation Ritual.

187 pages, 10.8 MB, PDF. Scan. ... ophyte.pdf

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Melvin D. Saunders - The 100% Brain Course

This gigantic 21st Century course manual has a staggering accumulation of 223 mind exercises designed to allow a person to use their complete brain. The exercises involve balancing your emotions, increasing your memory, improving your creativity, enhancing your sensory appreciation and much, much more - time distortion, lightning calculating, speed reading, self-hypnosis, multi-tasking, etc.

410 pages, 1.39 MB, PDF. ... Course.pdf

Charles W. Leadbeater - The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena

Partial Contents: Scenery: seven subdivisions, degrees of materiality, characteristics of astral vision, the aura, etheric double, records of astral light; Inhabitants: human, the adept or chela, psychically developed person, black magician, the dead, ordinary person after death, the shell, the suicide, victim of sudden death, black magician after death; Nature Spirits; Elementals formed consciously; Phenomena: churchyard ghosts; apparitions of the dying, haunted localities, bell ringing, fairies, communicating entities, clairvoyance, precipitation of letters, transmutation, repercussion.

123 pages, 324 KB, PDF. ... _Plane.pdf

Charles W. Leadbeater - Man Visible And Invisible (1902)

The clairvoyant author and renowned Theosophist shares his vision of humankind as a spark of the Divine, not merely physical creatures, as shown by the auras we project at different stages of emotional and spiritual growth.


I. How These Things Are Known

II. The Planes of Nature

III. Clairvoyant Sight

IV. Man’s Vehicles

V. The Trinity

VI. The Earlier Outpourings

VII. The Animal Group-Soul

VIII. The Upward Curve

IX. Human Consciousness

X. The Third Outpouring

XI. How Man Evolves

XII. What His Bodies Show Us

XIII. Colors and Their Meaning

XIV. The Counterpart

XV. Early Stages of Man's Development

XVI. The Ordinary Person

XVII. Sudden Emotions

XVIII. More Permanent Conditions

XIX. The Developed Man

XX. The Health-Aura

XXI. The Causal Body of the Adept


129 pages, 289 KB, PDF. ... _1902_.pdf

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Karl von Eckartshausen - The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary


Author of Der Wolke vor dem Heiligthume (1802), a classic work of Roman Catholic mysticism, translated into English as The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary. Eckartshausen, by nature and education an intensely religious man, began his writing career with several small books of devotion that had great vogue in France and Germany. He later turned his attention to larger works of a more profound character.

According to Eckartshausen, the requisite faculty of true communion with the "interior church" is the inward conception of things spiritual; this sense makes possible the beginning of regeneration understood as the process of gradually eliminating Original Sin. His consideration of the interior church proceeds at two levels, beginning with an elucidation of his doctrine and moving to a series of assertions derived therefrom.

Isabelle de Steiger's translated The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, which was first published in 1895 in The Unknown World was edited by Arthur Edward Waite. It was later issued in book form. The English version was soon adopted not only by spiritual seekers but also by many occultists. It had some influence on the development of the modern occult revival, finding some favor among the leadership of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The book also impressed magician Aleister Crowley, who was attracted to its idea of the mystical interior church. Crowley was eventually consecrated into an independent Gnostic tradition, and he wrote a Gnostic mass for the church he founded as an auxiliary organization to the magical order he led.

Eckartshausen's Cloud Over the Sanctuary is an announcement to "those capable of light" that there is still a "Community of Light,:" or a wisdom school, where the sacred mysteries are kept. Rosicrucians, Martinists, Freemasons, and Theosophists-read this essential book!

53 pages, 961 KB, PDF. ... ctuary.pdf

Saint John of Cross - Dark Night of the Soul

Along with Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross remains one of the West's most well-known and beloved mystics. And like Teresa's, his writings are masterpieces of ecstatic poetry, depicting a lover the soul that seeks union with the Beloved, God. Starr, who teaches philosophy and religious studies at the University of New Mexico, offers an engaging and evocative new translation of John's most famous treatise, "Dark Night of the Soul." Composed as a result of his imprisonment, it follows the soul's journey from a state of abandonment and darkness to its profound ecstasy in finding God waiting to receive it. In order for the soul to achieve this rapturous union, John instructs, it must give up its complacent practice of prayer or other spiritual routines that separate it from a full union with God. John's now-classic spiritual commentary urges us to find rest in the emptiness of the dark night and to abandon ourselves to the love that is present at the center of this emptiness. Although John wrote "Dark Night of the Soul" for his Christian brothers and sisters, his rapturous mysticism provides a way to union with the divine for a wide variety of spiritual seekers. As Starr points out in her introduction, John's abandonment of self in order to achieve union with the Other mirrors contemporary spiritual practices of Buddhism and Hinduism. Starr's lyrical translation and her thoughtful introduction bring new life to John's powerful treatise on the life of the soul.

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Sets down the first line and begins to treat of the imperfections of beginners.

Chapter II. Of certain spiritual imperfections which beginners have with respect to the habit of pride.

Chapter III. Of some imperfections which some of these souls are apt to have, with respect to the second capital sin, which is avarice, in the spiritual sense.

Chapter IV. Of other imperfections which these beginners are apt to have with respect to the third sin, which is luxury.

Chapter V. Of the imperfections into which beginners fall with respect to the sin of wrath.

Chapter VI. Of imperfections with respect to spiritual gluttony.

Chapter VII. Of imperfections with respect to spiritual envy and sloth.

Chapter VIII. Wherein is expounded the first line of the first stanza, and a beginning is made of the explanation of this dark night.

Chapter IX. Of the signs by which it will be known that the spiritual person is walking along the way of this night and purgation of sense.

Chapter X. Of the way in which these souls are to conduct themselves in this dark night.

Chapter XI. Wherein are expounded the three lines of the stanza.

Chapter XII. Of the benefits which this night causes in the soul.

Chapter XIII. Of other benefits which this night of sense causes in the soul.

Chapter XIV. Expounds this last line of the first stanza.

Book The Second

Chapter I. Which begins to treat of the dark nights of the spirit and says at what time it begins.

Chapter II. Describes other imperfections which belong to these proficients.

Chapter III. Annotation for that which follows.

Chapter IV. Sets down the first stanza and the exposition thereof.

Chapter V. Sets down the first line and begins to explain how this dark contemplation is not only night for the soul but is also grief and torment.

Chapter VI. Of other kinds of pain that the soul suffers in this night.

Chapter VII. Continues the same matter and considers other afflictions end constraints of the will.

Chapter VIII. Of other pains which afflict the soul in this state.

Chapter IX. How, although this night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so in order to illumine it and give it light.

Chapter X. Explains this purgation fully by a comparison.

Chapter XI. Begins to explain the second line of the first stanza. Describes how, as the fruit of these rigorous constraints, the soul finds itself with the vehement passion of Divine love.

Chapter XII. Shows how this horrible night is purgatory, and how in it the Divine wisdom illumines men on earth with the same illumination that purges and illumines the angels in Heaven.

Chapter XIII. Of other delectable effects which are wrought in the soul by this dark night of contemplation.

Chapter XIV. Wherein are set down and explained the last three lines of the first stanza.

Chapter XV. Sets down the second stanza and its exposition.

Chapter XVI. Explains how, though in darkness, the soul walks securely.

Chapter XVII. Explains how this dark contemplation is secret.

Chapter XVIII. Explains how this secret wisdom is likewise a ladder.

Chapter XIX. Begins to explain the ten steps of the mystic ladder of Divine love, according to Saint Bernard and Saint Thomas. The first five are here treated.

Chapter XX. Wherein are treated the other five steps of love.

Chapter XXI. Which explains the word ‘disguised,’ and describes the colours of the disguise of the soul in this night.

Chapter XXII. Explains the third line of the second stanza.

Chapter XXIII. Expounds the fourth line and describes the wondrous hiding place wherein the soul is set during this night. Shows how, although the devil has an entrance into other places that are very high, he has none into this.

Chapter XXIV. Completes the explanation of the second stanza.

Chapter XXV. Wherein is expounded the third stanza.

96 pages, 255 KB, PDF. ... e_Soul.pdf

Albertus Magnus - On Union with God


Albert the Great or Albertus Magnus (1206-1280) was born in Swabia, the son of a military nobleman. He was a Dominican priest who taught theology in Cologne and Paris. His most distinguished student was Saint Thomas Aquinas. Albert was called "Doctor universalis" because his breadth of knowledge spanned not only philosophy and theology but all the natural sciences.

He was a dedicated student of nature, and although he argued that the physical world can only be known reliably through observation and comparison, Albert distinguished between truths, which are naturally knowable, and mysteries, which cannot be known without revelation. People can only reach God through Himself-that is, by leaving behind the entanglements of earthly things and contemplating Him exculsively. The image and reality of God's incarnation in Jesus gives human beings the opportunity to attain a more perfect knowledge of God through contemplation. Albert refers to the teaching of St. Peter, "Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5.7).

120 pages, 3.73 MB, PDF. Scanned from 1911 edition. ... th_God.pdf

St.Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologiae

In his Summa Theologiae (1267-73) Saint Thomas Aquinas presented a synthesis of Aristotelian logic and Christian theology that was to become the basis of Roman Catholic doctrine on a wide variety of subjects. Thomas divided his work into three parts, the first dealing with the existence and nature of God and the universe he created, the second with human activity and ethics, and the third with Christ and the sacraments. Each part is made up of a series of open questions, in answer to which he presents his opponents' arguments as well as his own before refuting the former. Demonstrated throughout is Thomas's conviction that there can be no contradiction between the truths of faith, based on divine revelation, and those of human reason.

Thomas Aquinas' best-known work is the Summa Theologica. As the title indicates, the Summa is a "summing up" of all that can be known about Christian theology.

4201 pages, 17.5 MB, PDF. ... logiae.pdf

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

It is impossible to exaggerate the influence of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius since its completion in 1535. In these exercises, as the editor writes, "St. Ignatius' personal insights into ascetical theology found their clearest expression; in them, too, each new generation of Jesuits is formed according to the spirit of St. Ignatius." A man of great practical genius, Ignatius created the book as the basis for retreats given to priests, lay people, and monastics. Organized according to five major themes (Creation, Mankind, The Kingdom of God, Christ, and the Trinity), the exercises are divided into four "weeks" of meditations--although these weeks may last a few days or a few months. The overall goal is to lead the retreatant through a series of meditations on the life of Christ, beginning with reflections on the disorder and chaos of one's own life and progressing to a series of meditations on Christ's life, inviting the retreatant to a knowledge and love of Christ. The third week of exercises focuses on the crucifixion, and the fourth and final week develops meditations on the resurrection, leading ultimately to "the assimilation of the soul to God... so that one lives one's life exclusively for God in joyous service."

Written in 1533, this masterpiece by St. Ignatius has long been recognized as a brilliant and inspired guide to the development of a deeper spirituality.

89 pages, 272 KB, PDF. ... Loyola.pdf

Emmanuel Swedenborg - Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence

The reader will find in this book a firm assurance of God's care of mankind as a whole and of each human being. The assurance is rested in God's infinite love and wisdom, the love pure mercy, the wisdom giving love its ways and means. It is further grounded in an interpretation of the universe as a spiritual-natural world, an interpretation fully set forth in the earlier book, Divine Love and Wisdom, on which the present work draws heavily. As there is a world of the spirit, no view of providence can be adequate which does not take that world into account. For in that world must be channels for the outreach of God's care to the human spirit. There also any eternal goals such as a heaven from the human race must exist. A view of providence limited to the horizons of the passing existence can hardly resemble the care which the eternal God takes of men and women who, besides possessing perishable bodies, are themselves creatures of the spirit and immortal. The full title of the book, Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence, implies that its author, in an other-world experience, had at hand the knowledge which men and women in heaven have of God's care.

Table of Contents:

Translator's Preface

I. Divine Providence Is Government By The Lord's Divine Love And Wisdom

II. The Lord's Divine Providence Has For Its Object A Heaven From The Human Race

III. In All That It Does The Lord's Divine Providence Looks To What Is Infinite And Eternal

IV. There Are Laws Of Providence That Are Unknown To Men

V. It Is A Law Of Divine Providence That Man Shall Act From Freedom According To Reason

VI. It Is A Law Of Divine Providence That Man Shall Remove Evils As Sins In The External Man Of Himself, And Only So Can The Lord Remove The Evils In The Internal Man And At The Same Time In The External

VII. It Is A Law Of Divine Providence That Man Shall Not Be Compelled By External Means To Think And Will, Thus To Believe And Love What Pertains To Religion, But Bring Himself And At Times Compel Himself To Do So

VIII. It Is A Law Of Divine Providence That Man Shall Be Led And Taught By The Lord Out Of Heaven By Means Of The Word And Doctrine And Preaching From It, And This To All Appearance As Of Himself

IX. It Is A Law Of Divine Providence That Man Shall Not Perceive Or Feel Any Of The Activity Of Divine Providence, And Yet Should Know And Acknowledge Providence

X. There Is No Such Thing As One's Own Prudence; There Only Appears To Be And It Should So Appear; But Divine Providence Is Universal By Being In The Least Things

XI. Divine Providence Looks To What Is Eternal, And To The Temporal Only As This Accords With The Eternal

XII. Man Is Not Admitted Inwardly Into Truths Of Faith And Goods Of Charity Except As He Can Be Kept In Them To The Close Of Life

XIII. Laws On Permission Are Also Laws Of Divine Providence

XIV. Evils Are Tolerated In View Of The End, Which Is Salvation

XV. Divine Providence Attends The Evil And The Good Alike

XVI. Divine Providence Appropriates Neither Evil Nor Good To Anyone, But One's Own Prudence Appropriates Both

XVII. Every Man Can Be Reformed, And There Is No Predestination [As Commonly Understood*]

XVIII. The Lord Cannot Act Contrary To The Laws Of Divine Providence Because To Do So Would Be To Act Contrary To His Divine Love And Wisdom, Thus Contrary To Himself

169 pages, 758 KB, PDF. ... idence.pdf

Michael Molinos - The Spiritual Guide (1675) which disintangles the soul and brings it by the inward way to the fruition of perfect contemplation and the rich treasure of internal peace

So Powerful was its influence on Europe that within 6 years of its release this book had been translated into every language in Western Europe. In Naples, Italy it was said that 20,000 Christians gathered in small groups to practice inward prayer.

Michael Molinos came closer to reforming the Catholic Church than any other single man in history, yet he ended up sealed in a dungeon, his book condemned. A man so controversial that even until today the Vatican will not release the transcript of his (secret) trial. Now for the first time ever, this book appears in modern English. The first English language release in over a hundred years.

118 pages, 714 KB, PDF. ... _Guide.pdf

Emanuel Swedenborg - Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell is the common English title of a book written by mystic Emanuel Swedenborg in Latin, published in 1758.

This book is a detailed description of the afterlife where people go after the death of the physical body. It deals with God, heaven, hell, angels, spirits, and devils, which the author claimed to have witnessed first hand.

Some of the things he claims to have experienced are that there are Jews, Muslims and people of pre-Christian times ("pagans" such as Romans and Greeks) in Heaven; the fundamental issue that love of self or of the world drives one towards Hell, and love of God and fellow men towards Heaven.

The work proved to be influential. It has been translated into several languages, including Danish, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Icelandic, Swedish and Zulu. Edgar Allan Poe also mentions this book in his work The Fall of the House of Usher. It also plays an important role in Honoré de Balzac's novel Louis Lambert.

368 pages, 1.07 MB, PDF. ... d_Hell.pdf

Jakob Böhme - The epistles of Jacob Behmen aliter, Teutonicus philosophus : very usefull and necessary for those that read his writings, and are very full of excellent and plaine instructions how to attaine to the life of Christ : translated out of the German language (1649)


Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), beyond a doubt, is one of the greatest of Christian Gnostics. I am using the word not in the sense of the so-called heretics of the opening centuries of the Christian era, but to indicate a wisdom grounded in revelation and employing myths and symbols rather than concepts - a wisdom much more contemplative than discursive. Such is religous philosophy, or theosophy.

288 pages, 28.6 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Behmen.pdf

A.E.Waite - Saint Martin the French Mystic (1922)



Louis Claude de Saint-Martin was born 1743 in Amboise, France and died in 1803. He was originally a barrister before taking a commission in the army at Bordeaux. Saint-Martin was initiated into the Elus-Cohens in 1768 and was active in it for at least six years. Saint-Martin was initiated into the Reaux-Croix, the highest degree of the Order, and in 1770 became De Pasqually's secretary.

Martinism reflects the philosophy and esoteric Christian mysticism of the French philosopher Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, who was a disciple of the 18th century Freemason and theurgist, Martinez de Pasqually (1727 – 1774). Saint-Martin’s spiritual writings were published under his pseudonym of le Philosophe Inconnu, or the Unknown Philosopher.

98 pages, 10.6 MB, PDF. Scan. ... tinism.pdf

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Allen H. Greenfield - Secret Rituals a of the Men in Black


FOR skeptics and believers alike, the secret rituals of occultism, and later, of trance mediumship, have always been something of a puzzle. The reason for all these profoundly bizarre goings-on became apparent only when we "cracked" the key secret cipher used in such rituals and spontaneous encounters. Once realized, a bizarre design, previously suspected by only a few diverse researchers working in widely differing fields, was fully exposed. It revealed an intricate worldwide pattern of communication between Ultraterrestrial Forces almost totally beyond our comprehension and human adepts, stretching from remote antiquity to the present moment. The entire literature of magical invocation and evocation, seen in this light, is revealed to be a disguised transmission of these technologies.

112 pages, 13.5 MB, PDF. ... _Black.pdf

Alchemy Lab Articles

348 pages, 4.4 MB, PDF. ... ticles.pdf

William Henry - The Healing Sun Code


William Henry has written a remarkable new book that researches the scientific meaning behind ancient creation myths and prophecies, and interprets them in terms of coming changes in our world. Henry's interpretation of Mayan astronomical calculations, for example, is completely original and fascinating. Henry's books are the output of a rare and remarkable man, almost totally ignored by all but a few cognoscenti, but well worth careful study by everybody with an open mind and a willingness to learn something really new, and really valuable.

Rediscovering the secret science and religion of the galactic core and the rebirth of Earth in 2012.

384 pages, 6.5 MB, PDF. Contains beautiful illustrations. ... n_Code.pdf

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


This book is a unique collection of knowledge on the world religious philosophy — from ancient times to present day. It includes Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Golden Verses of Pythagoras, apocryphal Gospel of Philip, and many more. The texts are presented in a modern competent edition with clarifying commentaries.

The reader can become acquainted with the Teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha, with the fundamentals of Quran and Sunna, with the concept of Agni Yoga, with the spiritual knowledge of Native Americans, with the Teachings of contemporary Divine Messiahs: Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan.

One may see that in all times God has been teaching people the same, though in slightly different words — depending on concrete cultural traditions and political situations. He teaches us what He wants us to be, what is the meaning of our lives on the Earth, and how to realize it.

564 pages, 2.42 MB, PDF. ... resent.pdf

Rick Strassman - DMT, the Spirit Molecule


From 1990 to 1995 Dr. Rick Strassman conducted DEA-approved clinical research at the University of New Mexico in which he injected sixty volunteers with DMT, one of the most powerful psychedelics known. His detailed account of those sessions is an extra-ordinarily riveting inquiry into the nature of the human mind and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. DMT, a plant-derived chemical that is also manufactured by the human brain, consistently produced near-death and mystical experiences. Many volunteers reported convincing encounters with intelligent nonhuman presences, especially "aliens." Nearly all felt that the sessions were among the most profound experiences of their lives.

Strassman's research connects DMT with the pineal gland, considered by Hindus to be the site of the seventh chakra and by René Descartes to be the seat of the soul. DMT: The Spirit Molecule makes the bold case that DMT, naturally released by the pineal gland, facilitates the soul's movement in and out of the body and is an integral part of the birth and death experiences, as well as the highest states of meditation and even sexual transcendence. Strassman also believes that alien abduction experiences are brought on by accidental releases of DMT. If used wisely, DMT could trigger a period of remarkable progress in the scientific exploration of the most mystical regions of the human mind and soul.

369 pages, 2.34 MB, PDF. ... lecule.pdf

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Charles F. Haanel - A Book About You


As you read this book, you will learn about a plethora of subjects: astronomy, astrology, physics, alchemy, and many more. It is not to be taken lightly. Some may say that astrology is something that should be relegated to the entertainment section of less reputable newspapers.

This is what "A Book About You" attempts to convey to you: that you are a conscious mind that is influenced by the many different vibrations that travel in our universe. Nothing more; nothing less.

In this book, you will learn quite a few things about yourself.

* You'll see how everything in the universe is vibrating and how the vibrations reach out to you.

* You'll discover what your astrological sign really means and why the traits of that sign become tendencies in you.

* You will learn about the law of periodicity and how to use it to your advantage.

* You will gain a clearer view of your life and how you can take advantage of the myriad opportunities around you.

* You will understand the science behind astrology.

* You will learn how to deal with people on a greater level than you ever imagined because you will truly understand them.


Section One. Planetary Vibrations
Section Two. Solar Vibrations
Section Three. Mental Vibrations
Section Four. Electrical Vibrations
Section Five. Celestial Vibrations
Section Six. Cosmic Vibrations
Section Seven. Light Vibrations
Section Eight. Sound Vibrations
Section Nine. Color Vibrations
Section Ten. Heat Vibrations
Section Eleven. Periodicity
Section Twelve. The Source of Life
Section Thirteen. The Emotions
Section Fourteen. Magnetism
Section Fifteen. The Imagination
Section Sixteen. Destiny

160 pages, 519 KB, PDF. ... ut_You.pdf

Clairvoyance Power Secrets


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The Astral Senses: In this first chapter you will learn all about the Astral senses and how they correspond to physical senses. This is very important preliminary information

Chapter 2. Telepathy vs. Clairvoyance: Here you will learn more about what clairvoyance really is, and how it differs from the ability of telepathy

Chapter 3. Telepathy Explained: In this chapter you will discover the truth about telepathy

Chapter 4. Scientific Telepathy: Here you will discover how telepathy is scientifically proven

Chapter 5. Mind Reading and Beyond: Discover how "mind reading" and telepathy really differ

Chapter 6. Clairvoyant Psychometry: In this chapter you will learn all about clairvoyance and psychometry in much more detail including simple clairvoyance, clairvoyance in space, clairvoyance in time, psychometry, crystal gazing and clairvoyant reverie

Chapter 7. Clairvoyant Crystal Gazing: Crystal gazing is one of the simplest and most effective methods of developing clairvoyant powers. Learn all about it in this chapter

Chapter 8. Clairvoyant Reverie: In this chapter you will learn about blocking out the mundane physical senses so that the Astral worlds may be viewed in all their glory

Chapter 9. Simple Clairvoyance: Here you will learn about "simple clairvoyance" where the clairvoyant person will sense the auric emanations of a person

Chapter 10. Clairvoyance of Distant Scenes: In this chapter you will discover another type of clairvoyance; "clairvoyance in space"

Chapter 11. Clairvoyance of the Past: Learn the secrets of using clairvoyant powers to view scenes from the past

Chapter 12. Clairvoyance of the Future: In this chapter you will learn another type of clairvoyance, clairvoyance of the future. Learning this power will enable you to view probably future events

Chapter 13. Second Sight, Prevision etc.: Here you will learn about the phenomena known as "second sight" where it becomes possible to "view" events in "time" beyond the immediate locale

Chapter 14. Astral Body Travelling: This chapter is an introduction to the ability known as "Astral projection", where the Astral body can separate from the physical body to travel independently

Chapter 15. Strange Astral Phenomena: Here you will learn about other Astral phenomena

Chapter 16. Psychic Influence; Its Laws and Principles: In this chapter you will learn all about psychic influence and how it works

Chapter 17. Personal Psychic Influence Over Others: Here the ability of psychic influence is extended to include personal influence, distant influencing and indirect influence

Chapter 18. Psychic Influence at a Distance: This chapter expands on the ability of distant psychic influence and how to achieve it

Chapter 19. Laws of Psychic Attraction: Psychic Influence is that which may be called Indirect Psychic Influence, in which psychic induction is manifested in the minds of other persons coming in contact with the thought vibrations of the person manifesting them, although no deliberate attempt is made to influence the mind of any particular person or persons. Learn all about it in this chapter

Chapter 20. Trance: Trance is a valuable condition for many psychic ability, and is the condition into which mediums may in order to receive messages. Learn all about trance in this chapter.

211 pages, 671 KB, PDF. ... ecrets.pdf

Mental Power Secrets


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The Law of Vibration
Chapter 2. Thought Waves
Chapter 3. Mental Induction
Chapter 4. Mental Concentration
Chapter 5. Mental Imaging
Chapter 6. Fascination
Chapter 7. Hypnotic Influence
Chapter 8. Influencing at a Distance
Chapter 9. Influencing En Masse
Chapter 10. The Need of Knowledge
Chapter 11. Magic Black and White
Chapter 12. Self-Protection

58 pages, 217 KB, PDF. ... ecrets.pdf

Psychic Power Secrets


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. How to Develop Psychic Powers: From the very first chapter you will learn the basics for developing your own psychic ability. Learn this chapter and you are well on your way.

Chapter 2. Harmonious Conditions: In this chapter you will discover the conditions required as a basis for your psychic power development exercises.

Chapter 3. Fear and How to Banish it: Fear is one of the stumbling blocks for developing psychic powers. Most fears are totally irrational, and this chapter you will learn how to banish them for good.

Chapter 4. The Subconscious: The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, and is the gateway to developing psychic ability and indeed almost any ability; learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 5. The Spirit World: Learn all about the Spirit World and the people living there. This is crucial information for anyone interested in psychic powers and psychic medium communication.

Chapter 6. The Health of Mediums and Psychics: Discover how health is an important factor in developing psychic powers, and how to achieve optimum psychic health.

Chapter 7. Self and Soul Culture: "Know thyself" was the mandate of the Delphic Oracle. Before man can undertake to govern and control external forces, he must learn to control those within himself, for only by doing this can success be attained.

Chapter 8. The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts: In this chapter you will learn what you need to do in preparation for cultivating Spiritual gifts.

Chapter 9. Psychometry: Here you will learn all about Psychometry; the ability to form a psychic connection with objects, and psychically receive impressions from those objects.

Chapter 10. The Human Aura: Surrounding everything there is a halo or "aura," which may be seen by those with "auric site". Learn all about this valuable ability in this chapter.

Chapter 11. Colour and its Interpretation: Learn the meaning of the colours of the Aura, and read everyone like an open book

Chapter 12. Symbolism: Often important messages are received symbolically. Learn the meaning of symbolism so you can interpret those important messages.

Chapter 13. Telepathy: Telepathy, mind-reading, thought-reading, thought-transference, are all terms meaning very much the same thing. Learn all about the secrets of Telepathy in this chapter.

Chapter 14. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the psychic power of seeing objectively spiritual beings, objects and things by and through the spiritual sensorium. Learn all about clairvoyance in this chapter.

Chapter 15. Dreams: Dreams can often be of the profoundest importance. Learn how to encourage, remember and interpret dreams your dreams in this chapter.

Chapter 16. Automatic Writing: Automatic Writing means writing which is performed without the use of the conscious mind. Messages received can be very useful. Find out how to obtain them here.

Chapter 17. Crystal Gazing and Shell Hearing: Crystal-Gazing is a very ancient ability which the ancient Egyptians used it in their practices of divination. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 18. Spiritual Healing: Spiritual Healing means that mentally or physically sick people may be, a healed by the power of a spiritual energy, operating through the body. Learn this valuable ability.

Chapter 19. The Cultivation of Sensitiveness: This is the ability to sense or perceive in some subtle manner, auras, impressions and influences. Discover these valuable abilities in this chapter.

Chapter 20. Trance: Trance is a valuable condition for many psychic ability, and is the condition into which mediums may in order to receive messages. Learn all about trance in this chapter.

Chapter 21. Inspirational Speaking and Test Messages: These depend partly upon the activity of your own subconscious mind and partly upon help you receive from the spirit world. Discover how.

Chapter 22. More and Less Developed Spirits: Just as there are all kinds of characters and natures in this life, so there in the next. Find out about them in this chapter.

Chapter 23. Obsession and Insanity: Learn all about how people can become "possessed" and how to avoid and deal with this situation should it arise.

Chapter 24. Prayer, Concentration and Silence: In this chapter you will learn the truth and importance of these actions and states, what they can achieve and how they are important to you.

Chapter 25. The Human Fluid: The human body is charged with a certain magnetism which differs from all other forms of magnetism and electricity in the world. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 26. Self Projection: The ability to travel any distance by an effort of will. This valuable ability has many forms including Astral projection, Mental Projection and Out of Body Experiences.

Chapter 27. Apparitions: An apparition is a phantasmal being, commonly called a "ghost," which is seen by sensitive individuals under certain conditions. Discover the truth about "ghosts" here.

Chapter 28. Haunted Houses: Discover what a haunted house really is, and what part "ghosts" have in this situation and how to deal with the situation.

Chapter 29. The Difficulties of Communication: The process of communication is doubtless far more difficult and complicated than the average person believes. Discover why in this chapter.

Chapter 30. Hypnotism and Mesmerism: "Mesmerism" is derived from Antoine Mesmer, who founded the system and "Hypnotism," from the Greek "Hypnos", sleep.

Chapter 31. Personal Magnetism: In this chapter you will discover why some people seem to have the ability to strongly attract others to them.

Chapter 32. Prophecy versus Fortune Telling: This is a very important chapter for anyone considering consulting any "psychic" or fortune teller. Discover the truth about these people here.

Chapter 33. Reincarnation and Eastern Philosophy: Most religious philosophies of the East are based on the reality of reincarnation. Learn more about this important matter in this chapter.

Chapter 34. The Ethics of Spiritualism: This chapter deals with the frequently asked question; "is it right to investigate spiritual phenomena?" Discover the truth in this chapter.

Chapter 35. What Happens After Death?: This is an extremely important chapter addressing one of the greatest mysteries and fears of mankind. Discover the truth about the reality of "death".

Chapter 36. Bad and Perverted Uses of Spiritualism: Throughout history are told stories of witches, vampires, possessors of the "evil eye", etc.. Learn the truth in this chapter.

Chapter 17. Snares and Pitfalls to Avoid: Student of psychics must be on their guard against all possible sources of delusion and error. Find out how in this chapter.

Chapter 38. Physical Phenomena: In this chapter, learn about the physical phenomena of spiritualism, as distinct from the mental or psychical phenomena.

Chapter 39. Spirit and Thought Photography: Learn all about the secrets of not only photographing Spirits, but also photographing thoughts as well.

Chapter 40. Materialization: Materialization is the process of rendering solid or material, bodies through which disembodied spirits may function and communicate. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 41. Advanced Studies: This final chapter contains many advanced studies for developing advanced psychic ability for those who have completed the exercises in this book. Including:

- Cultivating the Sixth Sense
- Psychic Breathing Exercises
- How to Awaken the 7 Chakras
- Importance of Awakening in the Right Order
- The Sacred Word OM and Meditation
- Internal or Spiritual Respiration
- Seeing With Any Part of The Body
- The Development of Cosmic Consciousness
- Power Over Animate and Inanimate Matter
- Creation By the Power of Will

273 pages, 879 KB, PDF. ... ecrets.pdf

Psychomancy Power Secrets


Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: The Nature of Psychomany. In this chapter you will discover the true meaning and nature of Psychomancy and all of the various abilities it encompasses, including, but not limited to Crystal Gazing, sometimes known as Crystal Ball Gazing

Lesson 2: How to Develop Yourself. This chapter begins by reminding us that Astral Senses are possessed by everyone, but usually lying dormant, and that all we need to do is to develop them, which will occur as development during these lessons progresses.

Lesson 3: Simple Psychomancy. Simple Psychomancy is the power of "sensing" by means of the Astral Senses in the degree of a mere "quickening" of the Astral Senses sufficiently to enable one to "sense" more clearly any etheric vibrations or currents, the auric emanations of persons and things; and similar phases of Psychomantic phenomena , but which does not include the power to sense actual occurrences happening in distant places, nor the power to sense the records of the past, or to receive indications of the future.

Lesson 4: The Astral Tube. The Astral tube is a well known device in occult circes for viewing the Astral planes using the Astral equivalent of a telescope.

Lesson 5: Psychometry. The ability of psychometry involves "reading" the history of an object from an object, fragment or even tiny speck of that object, often simply by holding it in the hand, or connecting with it in some other way. Psychometry is a little known but clearly valuable ability.

Lesson 6. Crystal Gazing. Crystal gazing is an ability that few people need introduction to, most having encountered "crystal ball readers" at fairs and other events where a person, usually dressed in mystical clothing, will "tell your future" by gazing into the "crystal ball". Discover the truth about Crystal Gazing in this chapter, and how you can make use of it to view the Astral and events in the physical world.

Lesson 7: Astral Projection. Astral projection is another ability that does not require much introduction to most people, being the ability to project beyond the confines of the physical body to thenon-physical Etheric and Astral worlds - a very valuable ability. This chapter is an introdiction to Astral Projection, and in particular what exactly this ability is.

Lesson 8: Space Psychomancy. Space Psychomancy is like a type of remote viewing in that the practitioner can "view" distant scenes beyond time and space. However, unlike in remote viewing where the practitioner simply receives "impressions", the person with the ability of Space Psychomancy actually "sees" them. Discover more in this lesson.

Lesson 9: Past Time Psychomancy. This is another type of psychomancy involving the ability to "remote view" events that have already occurred sometimes hundreds or even thousands of years before. Again, unlike with "Remote Viewing" where impressions only are received, in the case of Past Time Psychomancy the events are actually seen in pictures.

Lesson 10: Future Time Psychomancy. As the title of this lesson suggests, this describes another aspect of "time psychomancy", this time in forseeing future events. of course precise future events cannot be views due to the fact that they have not "happened" yet relative to the physical world, but nevertheless events in broader terms can most certainly be "viewed.

Lesson 11: Dream Psychomancy. As the name of this final lesson suggests, psychmonacy can also take place during dreaming while asleep. Discover how this happens and several notable examples in this final chapter.

46 pages, 220 KB, PDF. ... ecrets.pdf

Telekinesis Power Secrets


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Prerequisites
Chapter 2: Relaxation
Chapter 3: Concentration
Chapter 4: Meditation
Chapter 5: Creating Psi Balls
Chapter 6: Creating Psychic Shield
Chapter 7: The Psi Wheel
Chapter 8: Moving Larger Objects
Chapter 9: Bending Metallic Objects
Chapter 10: Summary of Telekinesis

58 pages, 317 KB, PDF. ... ecrets.pdf

Charles F. Haanel - The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi


The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi is another remarkable book by this remarkable man which simply must be read by everyone interested in the amazing secrets of gurus of the Far East.

Charles Haanel himself says of this volume: "I have embodied many valuable secrets, which have been collected with great care from the treasured wisdom of Ancient India.

These secrets if put into daily practice will bring you added health, greater success, and unbounded happiness. They will prove to be a "guide, philosopher, and friend" and will serve you well in times of trouble, difficulty, or disease. In fact, you will soon come to regard them as the greatest boon that has ever come into your life.

Not much more can be added to the words of Charles Haanel about The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi. The yogi held, used and still do use today the most amazing powers that were once a secret, now they are made available in this incredible book that everyone needs to own and utilize.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by the Author
Part 1. Ida, Pingala and Sushumana
Part 1 Questions and Answers
Part 2. Levitating the Astral Body
Part 2 Questions and Answers
Part 3. Kundalini, The Serpent of Power
Part 3 Questions and Answers
Part 4. Breath, The Elixer of Life
Part 4 Questions and Answers
Part 5. Control of Life
Part 5 Questions and Answers
Part 6. The Eight Steps to Mastery
Part 6 Questions and Answers
Part 7. Sublimation of Reproductive Energy
Part 7 Questions and Answers
Part 8. Utilization of Infinite Power
Part 8 Questions and Answers
Part 9. The Breath of Life
Part 9 Questions and Answers
Part 10. Reviving the Dead
Part 10 Questions and Answers
Part 11. The Inner Light
Part 11 Questions and Answers
Part 12. Perfect Harmony
Part 12 Questions and Answers

113 pages, 389 KB, PDF. ... e_Yogi.pdf

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Adrian P. Cooper - Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind


Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1. The Nature of the Universe
Chapter 2. Definition of God
Chapter 3. Hinduism
Chapter 4. Taoism
Chapter 5. Buddhism
Chapter 6. The Wisdom of the West
Chapter 7. The Principle of Mentalism
Chapter 8. The Principle of Correspondence
Chapter 9. The Principle of Vibration
Chapter 10. The Principle of Polarity
Chapter 11. The Principle of Rhythm
Chapter 12. The Principle of Cause and Effect
Chapter 13. The Principle of Gender
Chapter 14. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Chapter 15. The Kaballah
Chapter 16. The Wisdom of Quantum Physics:es
Chapter 17. The Wisdom of the Ages
Chapter 18. Wisdom from the Inner Spheres
Chapter 19. The Universe of Vibration
Chapter 20. The Principle of Cause and Effect
Chapter 21. The Universal Elements
Chapter 22. Vital Energy
Chapter 23. Psychic "Phenomena"
Chapter 24. Remote Viewing
Chapter 25. Telepathy
Chapter 26. Karma
Chapter 27. The True Nature of God
Chapter 28. The Truth about the Change known as "Death?"
Chapter 29. Animals After Passing
Chapter 30. Ghosts
Chapter 31. Reincarnation
Chapter 32. Suicide
Chapter 33. The Inner Bodies
Chapter 34. The Astral Body - The Soul
Chapter 35. The Mental Body - The Immortal Spirit
Chapter 36. The Higher Self
Chapter 37. The Physical Universe of Matter
Chapter 38. The Planes of The Non-Human MindChapter 39. The Planes of The Human Mind
Chapter 39. The Planes of The Human Mind
Chapter 40. The Astral Planes
Chapter 41. The Outer Astral Planes
Chapter 42. The Belief System Territories
Chapter 43. Lower Level Astral Entities
Chapter 44. The Mid-Astral Planes
Chapter 45. The Inner Astral Planes
Chapter 46. Fairytale Beings
Chapter 47. The Mental Planes
Chapter 48. The Celestial and Cosmic Planes
Chapter 49. Angels
Chapter 50. The Holy Guardian Angel
Chapter 51. Spirit Guides
Chapter 52. Communications With The Inner Spheres
Chapter 53. Psychics
Chapter 54. Psychic Mediums
Chapter 55. Genuine Psychic Services
Chapter 56. The Ouija Board
Chapter 57. Trance Mediums
Chapter 58. Materialization Mediums
Chapter 59. The Direct Voice
Chapter 60. Electronic Voice Phenomena
Chapter 61. Instrumental Transcommunication
Chapter 62. Channeling Conclusion
Chapter 63. Contact With The Inner Spheres
Chapter 64. Clairvoyance
Chapter 65. The Akashic Record
Chapter 66. Astral Projection
Chapter 67. Three Astral Projection Methods
Chapter 68. The Out of Body Experience
Chapter 69. Three OBE Methods
Chapter 70. The Near Death Experience
Chapter 71. Progression Through Life
Chapter 72. Deep Physical Relaxation
Chapter 73. Concentration
Chapter 74. The Practice of Concentration
Chapter 75. Meditation
Chapter 76. The Practice of Meditation
Chapter 77. Twin-Hearts Meditation
Chapter 78. The Human Paradox
Chapter 79. The Eternal Now
Chapter 80. The Law of Attraction
Chapter 81. The Truth About Money
Chapter 82. The Power of Positive Thinking
Chapter 83. Affirmations
Chapter 84. Powers of The Imagination
Chapter 85. Creative Visualization
Chapter 86. Practice of Creative Visualization
Chapter 87. Other Senses of The Imagination
Chapter 88. The Power of Emotions
Chapter 89. Creating Your Own Reality
Chapter 90. Harmonizing Your Desires
Chapter 91. Let Go and Let God
Chapter 92. The Joy and Power of Giving
Chapter 93. The Joy and Power of Healing
Chapter 94. Pranic Healing
Chapter 95. Reiki Healing
Chapter 96. Healing Yourself and Others
Chapter 97. The Principles of Healing
Chapter 98. The Practice of Healing
Chapter 99. Living Your Own Reality
Chapter 100. Our Ultimate Destiny
Chapter 101. Know Thyself
Chapter 102. Subjugating the Ego
Chapter 103. Practice of Subjugating the Ego
Chapter 104. Equilibrium of the Soul
Chapter 105. Transmutation of Negative Attributes
Chapter 106. Dreams
Chapter 107. The Dream Journal
Chapter 108. The Inner Voice
Chapter 109. The Flow of Life
Chapter 110. Respect For All Life and Truth of Nutrition
Chapter 111. Selfless Unconditional Service
Chapter 112. The Lessons of Life
Chapter 113. Pure Unconditional Love: Discover the real truth behind the most powerful force in the Universe
Chapter 114. The Transition of the Ages
Chapter 115. Our Ultimate Reality

570 pages, 2.72 MB, PDF. ... ankind.pdf

Timothy Freke and Gandy - The Jesus Mysteries


Freke (a philospher and author of books on spirituality) and Gandy (who is studying classical civilization) believe that first century Jewish mystics adapted the potent symbolism of the Osiris-Dionysus myths into a myth of their own, the hero of which was the Jewish dying and resurrecting godman Jesus. Therefore, the story of Jesus is a consciously crafted vehicle for encoded spiritual teachings created by Jewish Gnostics. We are unaware of this, they claim, because the Roman Catholic Church destroyed evidence of the connection between Christianity and the pagan mysteries. They make their case by offering an examination of mystery religions, especially Greek, pointing out the many parallels between them and what they see as the Gospels! message about Jesus. Freke and Gandy are familiar with a significant amount of recent biblical scholarship, though they rely mostly on Elaine Pagels!s work on the Gnostics. This book will obviously be controversial, but the authors are quite informed, as demonstrated by their extensive notes and bibliography. A list of related web sites, a Who!s Who, and an index add to the book!s usefulness. Recommended as an important book in the debate on the historical Jesus.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Unthinkable Thought
Chapter 2 – The Pagan Mysteries
Chapter 3 – Diabolical Mimicry
Chapter 4 – Perfected Platonism
Chapter 5 – The Gnostics
Chapter 6 – The Jesus Code
Chapter 7 – The Missing Man
Chapter 8 – Was Paul a Gnostic?
Chapter 9 – The Jewish Mysteries
Chapter 10 – The Jesus Myth
Chapter 11 – An Imitation Church
Chapter 12 – The Greatest Story Ever Told

255 pages, 1.43 MB, PDF. ... teries.pdf

Israel Knohl - The Messiah before Jesus: The Suffering Servant of the Dead Sea Scrolls


Knohl's chief claim is "Jesus was the heir and successor of the Messiah of Qumran." The latter is described in two hymns in fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Knohl argues that he was a certain Menachem, a friend and supporter of Herod who was removed from his position of leadership in the Jewish community when he made his messianic aspirations public after Herod's death. Knohl includes the hymns in an appendix, along with discussion of the influence of the Messiah of Qumran on Jesus' messianic consciousness and the influence of the Roman vision of redemption in Virgil's Fourth Eclogue on the Messiah of Qumran. Readers who share Knohl's questioning attitude about "the Jewish context of Jesus' messianic career" will find the brief, accessible book fascinating and informative, as will readers more generally interested in the visions of redemption that emerged out of the rich religious context of Rome in the centuries before Jesus.

164 pages, 7.16 MB, PDF. ... _Jesus.pdf

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Hi Bro. I have been going through your downloads and you have some excellent files here.

Have you tried the digimob torrents at Minerva? Some good files there too.

I run the Yahoo groups From Darkness Comes Light and we have some pretty good downloads there as well as some good links. ... mes_light/

I must say that I like the Manly P Hall lectures but unfortunately the Manly P. Hall Audio Lecture - The Mystery Meaning of the Ancient Rituals lectures won't download, can you take a look at this as I'd love to get this to complete the set.

Keep up the good work it is very much appreciated.


Keith UK.


PostPostano: ned jan 18, 2009 3:37 pm 
Član foruma

Pridružen/a: pet nov 09, 2007 3:29 pm
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Kersey Graves and Paul Tice - The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

First published in 1875, this is a popular discussion of the Saviors, Messiahs, or Sons of God preceding the Christian era, and the rituals and religious which surrounded them. It is a vigorous criticism of the orthodox Christian position...This book has been a clandestine best seller for nearly a century. -- Leslie Shepard

Is the Bible true? Ever since Tom Paines daring Age of Reason at the end of the eighteenth century, Freethinkers have sought a rational, non-mystical view of the universe, and their arguments against dogmatic Christianity have often been reinforced by appeals to pagan religions which contain myths paralleling the New Testament stories and throwing doubt on their priority or historicity. Freethinkers aggressive attacks on dogma. Nowadays the cause of literary freedom and tolerance demands that the Freethought case be properly heard. THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS is a Freethought classic. It is a popular discussion of the Saviors, Messiahs, or Sons of God preceding the Christian era, and the rituals and religions which surrounded them. It is a vigorous criticism of the orthodox Christian position. -- Leslie Shepard, London, 1970

Startling and extraordinary revelations in religious history, which disclose the oriental origin of all the doctrines, principles, percepts, and the miracles of the Christian new Testament and furnishing a key for unlocking many of its sacred mysteries, besides comprising the history of 16 Heathen Crucified Gods. -- Publisher --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Product Description

Known to be a masterpiece of freethought literature, The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors has been out of print but sought after for many years. A small part of it was reprinted in The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read in 1994, thereby causing renewed interest. Many people are unaware that before Christianity there were 15 other religions that also had a savior who died for their sins, then arose from the dead. Graves gives all the details inside, plus much more found in common like the immaculate conception of the gods, virgin born gods, magi, shepherds and angels who visit the infant saviors, the birthday of the gods being December 25th, plus an explanation as to how Jesus began to be worshiped as a God. Some scholars are suggesting that Jesus had spent time in India. One chapter in this book discusses 346 striking analogies between Christ and Chrishna, the Hindu god. Could this same story have traveled from India rather than the man himself? Could this ever-present story, "the greatest story ever told," be the common link between all early religions? Has the purpose of religion, in general, been designed to provide all of mankind with a common set of beliefs, to keep us from learning the real truth for ourselves? It is difficult to answer these questions, and it probably always will be, but this book offers us a small step closer to the answers. It shows that Christianity is not alone and special in its beliefs, and may cause us to explore further into the origins of religion.

Table of Contents:

Address to the Clergy
Chapter I: Rival Claims of the Saviors
Chapter II: Messianic Prophecies
Chapter III: Prophecies by the Figure of a Serpent
Chapter IV: Miraculous and Immaculate Conception of the Gods
Chapter V: Virgin Mothers and Virgin-Born Gods
Chapter VI: Stars Point Out the Time and the Saviors’ Birth-Place
Chapter VII: Angels, Shepherds, and Magi Visit the Infant Saviors
Chapter VIII: The Twenty-Fifth of December the Birthday of the Gods
Chapter IX: Titles of the Saviors
Chapter X: The Saviors of Royal Descent, But Humble Birth
Chapter XI: Christ's Genealogy
Chapter XII: The World's Saviors Saved from Destruction in Infancy
Chapter XIII: The Saviors Exhibit Early Proofs of Divinity
Chapter XIV: The Saviors’ Kingdoms Not of this World
Chapter XV: The Saviors Were Real Personages
Chapter XVI: Sixteen Saviors Crucified
Chapter XVII: The Aphanasia, or Darkness, at the Crucifixion
Chapter XVIII: Descent of the Saviors into Hell
Chapter XIX: Resurrection of the Savior
Chapter XX: Reappearance and Ascension of the Saviors
Chapter XXI: The Atonement—Its Oriental or Heathen Origin
Chapter XXII: The Holy Ghost of Oriental Origin
Chapter XXIII: The Divine “Word” of Oriental Origin
Chapter XXIV: The Trinity Very Anciently a Current Heathen Doctrine
Chapter XXV: Absolution, and the Confession of Sins, of Heathen Origin
Chapter XXVI: Origin of Baptism by Water, Fire, Blood, and the Holy Ghost
Chapter XXVII: The Sacrament or Eucharist of Heathen Origin
Chapter XXVIII: Anointing with Oil of Oriental Origin
Chapter XXIX: How Men, Including Jesus Christ, Came to be Worshipped as Gods
Chapter XXX: Sacred Cycles Explaining the Advent of the Gods, the Master-Key to the Divinity of Jesus Christ
Chapter XXXI: Christianity Derived from Heathen and Oriental Systems
Chapter XXXII: Three Hundred and Forty-Six Striking Analogies Between Christ and Chrishna
Chapter XXXIII: Apollonius, Osiris, Magus, Etc.—Gods
Chapter XXXIV: The Three Pillars of the Christian Faith—Miracles, Prophecies, and Precepts
Chapter XXXV: Logical or Common Sense View of the Doctrine of Divine Incarnation
Chapter XXXVI: Philosophical Absurdities of the Doctrine of the Divine Incarnation
Chapter XXXVII: Physiological Absurdities of the Doctrine of the Divine Incarnation
Chapter XXXVIII: A Historical View of the Divinity of Jesus Christ
Chapter XXXIX: The Scriptural View of Christ's Divinity
Chapter XL: A Metonymic View of the Divinity of Jesus Christ
Chapter XLI: The Precepts and Practical Life of Jesus Christ
Chapter XLII: Christ As a Spiritual Medium
Chapter XLIII: Conversion, Repentance, and “Getting Religion” of Heathen Origin
Chapter XLIV: The Moral Lessons of Religious History
Chapter XLV: Conclusion and Review

176 pages, 1.46 MB, PDF. ... aviors.pdf

Dion Fortune - Applied Magic


A selection of Dion Fortune's writings on the practical applications of magical and esoteric techniques. She explains that everyone has the ability to access the invisible planes of existence (mind and spirit) which cannot be perceived with the physical senses. Provides invaluable guidance to anyone intent on increasing their inner awareness. Includes a new introduction by Gareth Knight and an index.

92 pages, 516 KB, PDF. ... _Magic.pdf

John Yarker - Lectures of a Chapter, Senate and Council: According to the Forms of the Antient and Primitive Rite, But Embracing All Systems of High Grade Masonry


Embodying the preliminary examinations required for advancement; the symbolical explanations of the various degrees from the 1st Degree to the 30th Degree; together with the Grand Book of Maxims. This extremely scarce work includes ALL the "lectures" (catechisms, or questions and answers) of Yarker's Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and is an ESSENTIAL work for understanding this curious Masonic rite. Portions of these lectures were borrowed from the old Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Rituals used in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA, before they were influenced by Albert Pike's works. Contents: (1) Chapter. Lectures of a College; 4th Degree to 8th through 11th Degrees of a Chapter; 9th Degree to 11th through 18th Degrees; (2) Senate. Lectures of a Senate; 12th Degree to 17th through 29th Degrees of an Areopagus; 18th Degree to 20th through 33rd Degrees; (3) Council. Lectures of a Consistory; 21st Degree to 26th through 68th Degrees of a Council; 27th Degree to 30th through 90th Degrees; Grand Book of Maxims.

101 pages, 4.32 MB, PDF. Scan. ... ouncil.pdf

Robert Macoy - The Masonic Manual: A Pocket Companion for the Initiated Containing the Rituals of Freemasonry


1853. Embraced in the Degrees of the Lodge, Chapter and Encampment; Embellished with Three Hundred Engravings; Together with Forms of Masonic Documents, Notes, Songs, Dates, etc. Very scarce!

Table of Contents:

I. Preface
II. Introduction
Charge at Opening
Charge at Closing
Ancient Charges
III. Entered Apprentice
IV. Fellow Craft
V. Master Mason
VI. Mark Master
VII. Present or Past Master
Form of Petition for a new Lodge
Ceremony of Constitution
Ceremony of Consecration
Ceremony of Installation
Ceremony of Laying Foundation Stones
Ceremony of Dedication of Masonic Halls
Ceremony at Funerals
VIII. Most Excellent Master
IX. Royal Arch
X. Royal Master
XI. Select Master
Installation Ceremonies
XII. Order of Priesthood
Installation Ceremonies
XIII. Knights of the Red Cross
XIV. Knights Templars
XV. Knights of Malta
Installation Ceremonies
XVI. Masonic Odes
XVII. Masonic Calendar
XVIII. Forms of Masonic Documents, Jewels

320 pages, 11.8 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Manual.pdf

Moja kolekcija knjiga: ... cija_.html

 Naslov: Re: Great downloads
PostPostano: ned jan 18, 2009 3:44 pm 
Član foruma

Pridružen/a: pet nov 09, 2007 3:29 pm
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foruma je napisao/la:
Hi Bro. I have been going through your downloads and you have some excellent files here.

Have you tried the digimob torrents at Minerva? Some good files there too.

I run the Yahoo groups From Darkness Comes Light and we have some pretty good downloads there as well as some good links. ... mes_light/

I must say that I like the Manly P Hall lectures but unfortunately the Manly P. Hall Audio Lecture - The Mystery Meaning of the Ancient Rituals lectures won't download, can you take a look at this as I'd love to get this to complete the set.

Keep up the good work it is very much appreciated.


Keith UK.


You're welcome Bro.

No. Never tried a digimog torrent. Maybe I'll join your yahoo group. Seems like a good spiritual and intellectual investment . :)

Unfortunately, Manly P. Hall's audio lectures aren't mine original uploads. They were uploaded by Giza on katzforums. We've created a massive occult/esoteric ebook thread (86,000 views!). Take a glimpse, you might find some books which aren't here.

As for missing or corrupted lecture you mentioned, I'll try a wide search across the Internet. Maybe I dig out some reuploaded stuff.

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